Power of Interview.

Successfully interviewing people is not something you can learn by only reading books and articles or getting expert advice. This is something you can learn by practicing and receiving helpful feedback from others.

This 2-day workshop is an effective and fun way to learn interviewing techniques and practice them with real people.

Customer Interview Techniques

2 days, 4 h/day
What's inside
The Power of Interview workshop will introduce you to different interview techniques and useful tricks and help you practice them all. You will play interviewer and respondent roles and get helpful feedback.
Practical tasks inspired by real-life interview experience
Role-playing and reflection
Minimal theory followed by practice and feedback
Fun and playful format to repeat with your team
What will you learn?
  • Asking curiosity questions that invite people to share and talk;
Customer interview techniques
  • Finding your approach to interviewing people with different communication styles;
Building confidence
  • Applying the 5 Whys technique to the interview context with flexibility and ease;
  • Uncovering people's stories and insights with the 5W+H technique.
  • Using a problem discovery cheat sheet;
  • Conducting an unexpected interview successfully even with only 5 minutes to prepare;
  • Dealing with common challenges and avoiding typical mistakes.
UX Designers and Researchers;
Product and Project Managers;
UI and Graphic Designers;
And everyone who wants to get the most of interviewing.
Business and System Analysts;
Who is it for?
This workshop is for people with little or no experience with interviews. However, experienced interviewers have enjoyed the practice as well.
Customer Success Managers;
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Lead Experience Consultant @ UXPressia
Senior Consultant @ UXPressia, CPO @ UXPressia Academy
Yana Sanko
Nick Efimov
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Yana is an experienced researcher, strategist, and innovator with a background in anthropology. She has practical experience in business strategy and organizational design.
Nick has 15+ years of experience in software development and expert knowledge of UX, user research, and product management. He is an inspiring UX community leader, mentor, and coach.
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