Journey Mapping Ideation Strategies

Activate your journey map with unique ideation strategies.
4 hours
The goal of journey mapping initiatives is to ignite action that will improve customer experience.

Let's explore how different ideation strategies can enrich ideas and opportunities you discover. Each ideation strategy creates a new angle that allows you to see alternative ways to act upon your customer journey map.
About the workshop
Each team works with a specific journey map built by us and based on a real-life case.

First, we will start with a common problem-solving approach.
Then you will learn additional ideation strategies and apply them to the map to see what kind of ideas you can find with each strategy.
How it works
What will you learn?
  • Why go beyond problem-solving when looking at the map with your team;
    • Useful online facilitation tips for your next journey mapping workshop.
      • 9 ideation strategies to fix what is broken, optimize the experience, and look at the map strategically;
      UX Designers and Researchers;
      Product and Project Managers;
      UI and Graphic Designers;
      And everyone who wants to get the most of journey mapping.
      Business and System Analysts;
      Who is it for?
      Anyone who works or is going to work with customer journey mapping will benefit from this workshop. Participants will need to have a general understanding of what CJM is and (or) some minimal experience building a journey map before.
      Customer Success Managers;
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      Lead Experience Consultant @ UXPressia
      Senior Consultant @ UXPressia, CPO @ UXPressia Academy
      Yana Sanko
      Nick Efimov
      We help you develop knowledge, skills, and confidence
      Yana is an experienced researcher, strategist, and innovator with a background in anthropology. She has practical experience in business strategy and organizational design.
      Nick has 13+ years of experience in software development and expert knowledge of UX, user research, and product management. He is an inspiring UX community leader, mentor, and coach.
      What participants say
      Alesia Romanova,
      Marketing Specialist at Ilex
      This workshop was a blast! I couldn't even imagine that there are so many strategies to use. I felt my brain working on its full capacity while achieving the flexibility to work in terms of ideation. The facilitators were great, really helping you to understand all aspects.

      We had the opportunity to put into practice many strategies. I left the workshop with lots of exciting ideas and the confidence to use these techniques with my team.
      Alejandro Vázquez,
      B2B Business Consultant at
      I highly recommend this workshop. It showed me a lot of creativity to take advantage of. The participants worked together and put into practice all the high-quality content the facilitators shared with us. Now I have the practical knowledge to improve my own CJM workshops as a B2B Consultant.
      Yulia Moiseenko,
      Strategic Designer & Co-founder of ToolFest
      We had a pleasure to host the Power of Interview workshop at ToolFest in 2019. I had a blast participating in the session myself. Both facilitators were incredibly engaging moderators that got me and other participants to experiment with a design methodology in an entirely new way.

      UXPressia's workshop changed my perception of CJM as a beautiful storytelling tool only. It gave me a set of methods to experiment with my teams and put CJMs of different levels of abstraction to their true use — drive changes in the way our products and services work.
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