Customer Journey Mapping Workshop

An interactive workshop to learn the basics of customer journey mapping, create your first map, and identify opportunities for journey improvement.
4 hours
About the workshop
This workshop will help you gain confidence in approaching a journey mapping initiative. We will guide you through the basics of the entire process step by step to build a customer journey map for a real project and use it to identify experience improvement opportunities.
What a customer journey map is and how to use it.
Defining the optimal journey map structure for a specific project.
The entire process of mapping out a customer journey from scratch.
What will you learn?
Key journey map components: stages, touchpoints, channels, etc.
Create a pitch to summarize your CJM initiative for stakeholders.
Practice-based learning to encourage active participation.
Learn or level up customer journey mapping skills to take away and use.
Develop the teamwork mentality and bring it to your workplace.
Hands-on experience
Skills to take away
How it works
Our facilitators will share their expert tips and important dos and don'ts.
Tips and tricks
Who is it for?
For marketing, sales, product, design, customer success teams, or anyone interested in building products and services that people love.
This workshop is for people with little or no experience with customer journey mapping. However, experienced mappers might enjoy the practice as well.
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Lead Experience Consultant @ UXPressia
Senior Consultant @ UXPressia, CPO @ UXPressia Academy
Yana Sanko
Nick Efimov
We help you develop knowledge, skills, and confidence
Yana is an experienced researcher, strategist, and innovator with a background in anthropology. She has practical experience in business strategy and organizational design.
Nick has 15+ years of experience in software development and expert knowledge of UX, user research, and product management. He is an inspiring UX community leader, mentor, and coach.
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